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Florida's Showcase Green Envirohome™

Construction Start - 4 June 2007
Construction begins - 4 June 2007
as of 7 August 2007
Construction - August 2007

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as of 7 August 2007
as of 7 August 2007
Construction - June 2008
as of 7 August 2007
Construction - November 2010


Florida's Showcase Green Envirohome™ (FSGE™) has been featured in USA TODAY and touted on FOX News as "The Greenest House In The World". The first-of-its-kind true green home, FSGE, a private membership-based organization, demonstrated the best green building and green living choices and practices available today.

Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne destroyed FSGE's original structure in 2004. The result was FSGE, a project of passion. Having set the most stringent global green building and green living standards to date, FSGE helped others see how to:

  • Mitigate, if not eliminate, the affects of myriad natural disasters
  • Consider and improve both health of the human body and sustainability of the planet for now and our future
  • Lower insurance, energy, water and maintenance costs

Built to keep giving shelter and water under the most extreme conditions that nature can offer, and while using less energy and requiring less maintenance, FSGE is being rebuilt in Central Florida along the Atlantic coastline with the "best of the best" green building and green living technologies as a:

  • "Near Zero-Loss Home™ "
  • "Near Zero-Runoff Home™"
  • "Near Zero-Energy Home"
  • "Near Zero-Maintenance Home™"

These technologies include leading edge building envelope, disaster recovery, electropollution elimination/reduction, other considerations of occupants' health including indoor air quality, greenroofs, solar, wind, stormwater management, and other green innovations collectively providing hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, mold, termite, impact, sound, electropollution, and even earthquake resistance.

To ensure stronger, safer, and healthier green construction, FSGE partnered with more than 4 dozen, public, quasi-public and private sector entities, including the United States Department of Energy's (DOE's) Building America Project. FSGE followed 15 sets of green building guidelines and achieved Fortified..for safer living certification and a record-breaking Florida Water Star certification. Commissioned by DOE on behalf of FSGE, Florida Solar Energy Center documented in writing that FSGE "far exceeded" Platinum LEED certification as well as Energy Star Qualified Home certification. To fill in the gaps, FSGE created its own green living guidelines to account for the fact that no mainstream green building guidelines bother to measure or eliminate/mitigate in vivo radiocontamination—due to nearby nuclear plants, nuclear medicine facilities, nuclear disasters, nuclear weaponry/fuel rods at government bases, etc. as well as far away nuclear disasters such as Fukushima, etc.—or electropollution, endocrine disruptors, fluorescent lighting, etc.

FSGE Full Rendering

Artist's Concept


University of Central Florida (UCF), the sixth largest university in the U.S., was the first in the world to identify the potential pollution mass in stormwater. Consequently there is now law in the U.S. limiting pollution to our water bodies, both surface water and groundwater. However, residential runoff still accounts for the largest, uncontrolled source of pollution in the U.S., especially in areas with larger annual rainfall volumes (such as in Central Florida). Using results of research from UCF Stormwater Management Academy with assistance from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the world's first residential "greenroof stormwater treatment system" was constructed at FSGE using UCF's patent pending greenroof media coupled with advanced hurricane mitigation features. This is one of FSGE's key features as a Near Zero-Runoff Home™.

In addition to FSGE’s greenroof stormwater treatment system, FSGE has such innovations as patented SIP steel-reinforced exterior walls, a hurricane technology rendering stronger, cheaper, faster and healthier construction than both concrete block and stick and frame when considering energy efficiency and reduced construction labor (SIPs can lower labor costs by as much as 55%); green living features with extreme focus on occupants’ health throughout the home and property; water and energy usage monitoring systems; a global-first "off grid" all-DC solar air conditioner; state-of-the-art wind generators at less cost than solar photovoltaic and designed to supplement the home’s energy; and a solar water heater that can produce hot water year-round, even on a cloudy day.


Any building that is ecologically friendly in the following areas:
  • Ability to Withstand Natural Disasters
  • Occupants' Health - Inside Building and on Property
  • Eliminating in vivo radiocontamination (ionizing radiation that damages human DNA) due to nearby nuclear plants, nuclear medicine facilities, nuclear disasters, nuclear weaponry at government bases, etc. as well as far away nuclear disasters such as Fukushima, etc.
  • Eliminating Electropollution (non-ionizing radiation that damages human DNA) from Smart Meters, power lines, microwave ovens, fluorescent lighting, WI-FI, cell phones, radar from nearby airports and other non-ionizing radiation
  • Indoor Air Quality & Occupant's Comfort
  • Water Efficiency, Quality & Management
  • Energy Efficiency, Performance, & Management
  • Durability
  • Ease of Operation, Maintenance & Education
  • Sustainability
  • Lot Design, Preparation & Low-Impact Development
  • Natural Resource Efficiency - Waste Reduction and Recycling
  • Minimal Emissions into Air & Minimal Effluents/Runoff into Sewerage/Water Bodies
  • Minimum Global Impact
  • Environmental Awareness and Management

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